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Happy New Year 2021


Welcome to 2021 and a 'Happy New Year' to you all.

School and Nursery are currently due open on Monday 4 January 2021 to educate all our children. East Staffordshire is now Tier 4 and this increases the rules that we all have to follow. Please continue to follow the procedures we have put in place regarding dropping off and collecting children. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing at all times and do not try to gather at the school gate, this is for the safety of all. We ask that adults, who are able to do so, wear face coverings at these times. If you need to pass on a message to a member of staff then please e mail the office inbox and this will be dealt with as soon as is possible.

As a reminder, if your child is unwell, please keep them at home. If anyone in the family or household displays coronavirus symptoms, you should all remain at home until you have test results. Please also ensure you inform the office immediately of any positive results or self-isolating procedures. Please ensure that you follow the government guidance and isolate for the complete 10 days after a positive test result or the onset of symptoms. This time is extended if you continue to have a temperature. In addition to testing locations, there is also community testing also available for children and adults who are not displaying Covid-19 symptoms. Please see the Staffordshire website for this.

As we approach the start of the new term, I hope that we will be able to continue to work together to help keep each other safe and well; to teach and learn together in school. Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards

Mrs Anderson and Mr Archer